6Inch Wheel Motor Geared,Brushless DC Motor,SA05-6

6Inch Wheel Motor Geared,Brushless DC Motor,SA05-6
6 Inch Wheel Motor6Inch Wheelchair Motor Brushless24V180W 150RPM Hub Motor

Brushless Geared DC Hub Motor

6Inch Solid Tyre

24/36/48V     180-500W   150-500RPM


Most use in Amusement equipment, Stroller, Bumper car, Electric scooter, Folding generation drive, scooter, Drift car, Small train and So on.

Product Description


Motor 6”brushless geared wheel motor
Voltage 24V
Rated Power 180W
Wheelchair speed 5km/h
Rated speed 150rpm
Rated Torque 12Nm
Diameter 155
Weight 3.1kg
Loading 80~300kg
Brake Electronic brake(EABS)/Disc brake
Reduction ratio 1:5





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