36V300W Brush Printed Motor For Powered Wheel 150SN-A


36V300W, 3500RPM  Printed Armature Motor
151mm Dia   Pancake Flat Motor

Most use in Industrial MachineWashing MachineSpeical Powered Wheel and So on.

  • Flat armature technic
  • Ultra slim profile
  • Long service life of brush
  • Low moment of inertia
  • More uniform torque
  • Have higher overload capacity at moment
  • Direction change of no spare
  • Speedy response
  • Low inductance

Product Description


 Product types:  Printed DC Motor
 Model:  150SN-A
 Rated power:  300W
 Rated voltage:  36V
 Rated speed: 3500rpm
 Custom made:  Yes
 Diameter:  151mm
 Thickness:  35.5mm

Design Options:

  1. Operating voltages to suit
  2. Custom shaft sizes/profiles
  3. Tailored performance profiles
  4. Special OEM configurations

Competitive Advantage:

*Light weight, Small volume.

*Big starting torque, Wide speed range.

*Low speed operation and good reversing performance.

*Well-developed production technology and the introduction of production line

36v-brushed-dc-print-electrical-machine-motor-1 36v-brushed-dc-print-electrical-machine-motor-2


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