24V 130RPM Brushless Pancake DC Motor, Direct Drive Rotary,DD-01


24V300W, 130RPM  Brushless Pancake Motor
14NM Big Torque    DD Pancake
170mm Dia

Widely used in machine tools, machining centers, metallurgy, electronics and precision machine embroidery, various scanning mechanism, precision PTZ (monitor), high-precision machine tools, radar, robots

  • Brushless drive DC motor
  • Direct Drive Rotary Motor
  • Low Speed , Big Torque ;
  • Low noise, small vibration, smooth operation

Product Description


 Product types:  Pancake DC Motor
 Model:  DD01
 Rated power:  300W
 Rated voltage:  24V
 Rated speed:  130rpm
 Custom made:  Yes
 Diameter:  170mm
Diameter for axis  20mm
 Motor length  54mm
 Output axis length  20mm

Design Options:

  1. Operating voltages to suit
  2. Custom shaft sizes/profiles
  3. Tailored performance profiles
  4. Special OEM configurations

Big Torque, slow speed, stable, or without gear reduction mechanism
Return by eliminating errors caused by the gear reduction mechanism
Direct drive motor can be used to rotate the platform, such as a large head, generally designed to be larger in diameter, flat circular motor

dd01test24v-130rpm-brushless-pancake-dc-motor-direct-drive-rotarydd-01-1 24v-130rpm-brushless-pancake-dc-motor-direct-drive-rotarydd-01-2


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